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Decentralized Oracle Networks Powering Secure, Reliable, & Transparent Price Feeds for DeFi

The Chainlink Network provides tamper-resistant and sustainable price feeds furthering the growth of DeFi
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Highly decentralized and secure infrastructure
Independent and geographically distributed teams of security-reviewed node operators run decentralized infrastructure.
High-quality data sources that avoid manipulation
Market data sourced from premium APIs provides full market coverage with rigorous validation before triggering your smart contracts.
Prove your smart contracts' end-to-end security to users
Easily verifiable and immutable on-chain data provides unique reliability guarantees of provable end-to-end security.
A well maintained shared data resource
An open source community builds and funds the on-chain reference data resources for the long-term viability of your smart contracts.
Easily Integrate Chainlink With One Line of Code
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function getLatestAnswer() public view returns (int256) {
   return priceFeed.latestAnswer();
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Give your Users Extensive Guarantees about the Reliability and Quality of your Smart Contracts

Highly decentralized and secure infrastructure

  • The highest quality independent node operators with strong Sybil resistance

  • Open source Chainlink software run by hundreds of security-reviewed DevOps teams

  • Highly performant monitoring systems ensuring continuous uptime

High-quality data sources that avoid manipulation

  • Premium data sources ensure high-quality data is used to update your smart contracts

  • Validation of premium data happens within the Chainlink Network with multiple accuracy checks

  • Keep your smart contracts connected to the real market price that your users expect to see

Prove your smart contracts' end-to-end security to users

  • Prove your smart contracts' end-to-end security to your users with decentralized price inputs

  • Longest running DeFi oracle proven to secure hundreds of millions of USD in assets

  • Utilize time-tested and battle-hardened oracle networks for maximum tamper-resistance

A well maintained, sustainable and long-term shared data resource

  • Community of DeFi pioneers contribute financially to the sustainability of price feeds   

  • Chainlink network subsidy guarantees the liveness of price feeds for years to come

  • Growing ecosystem of node operators incentivized to increase the security of price feeds

Extensive Monitoring of Your Oracles

A Variety of Tools and Monitoring Systems

Numerous tools built by the ecosystem provide transparency and full visibility for the price feeds and the teams participating in them. This gives you confidence that the feeds are reporting properly at all times.

Build DeFi Products Across a Multitude of Use Cases
Synthetic Assets
Synthetic asset platforms require the price of real-world assets in order to mint their representation on-chain. Use Chainlink reference contracts to create tokens tied to real-world assets, such as gold, indices, or even car loans.
Example Users:

"Given our reliance on regular price feeds for our derivatives trading mechanism, finding a robust decentralized oracle solution has always been at the top of our priority list. Chainlink delivers the solution, deployed by an excellent team and supported by an invaluable community."

Kain Warwick
Founder at Synthetix
Lending and Borrowing
Lending and borrowing platforms require a price feed to ensure the total value of the collateral. Use Chainlink to issue and settle loans, liquidate collateral, and calculate interest payments.
Example Users:

"Chainlink helped us reduce our time to market, while at the same time providing the highest guarantee of data integrity, decentralization and security."

Emilio Frangella
Software Engineer at AAVE
Stablecoins require a price feed to assert the value of the underlying collateral backing the asset. Use Chainlink to create stablecoins pegged to fiat currency, currency baskets, or commodities.
Example Users:

"The oracle system is core to the Ampleforth protocol. Integrating and working with a trusted partner like Chainlink to ensure reliable data feeds decentralizes the oracle system key to Ampleforth’s future."

Brandon Iles
Co-Founder and CTO at Ampleforth
Asset Management
Asset management platforms require a reliable price feed for critical rebalancing of asset ratios. Use Chainlink to power a DEX, adjust capital pools, or facilitate multiple forms of payment.
Example Users:

“Integrating Chainlink’s Price Reference Contracts as the basis for rebalancing our capital pool brings tremendous security to our members, who know that our most important assets are deeply insulated against any known or unexpected attack vectors.”

Hugh Karp
Founder at Nexus Mutual
Add High-Quality Market Data to your Smart Contract
End-to-End Decentralization of Reference Price Data
Chainlink Price Reference Contracts only use independent high-quality Data Providers and security reviewed Node Operators.
First, high-quality data providers capture raw price data from all centralized and decentralized exchanges and aggregate it accounting for time, volume, and outliers.
Next, independent nodes in Chainlink's decentralized network fetch market prices from various data providers and generate a manipulation-resistant price update.
Last, Chainlink Price Reference Contracts allow any smart contract to easily reference this highly-accurate on-chain price update, using a simple function call.
Price discovery in financial markets takes place across numerous different centralized and decentralized exchanges. Data providers provide market coverage by curating the total pool of raw price data to generate a global market price, taking into account time, volume, and outliers. Chainlink Price Reference Contracts use at least seven independent Chainlink Nodes and seven independent data providers, where each node retrieves market data from one of the data providers. All the nodes' responses are then aggregated together to form a highly accurate, manipulation-resistant price update that is stored on-chain for any smart contract to reference in a simple function call.

Technical Decentralization

Node operators are independent actors, distributed around the world, who are responsible for connecting high-quality data to smart contracts.

Economic Decentralization

Node operators are rewarded by a community of users who contribute to the well-being of the price feeds they rely on.

Governance Decentralization

A community of users votes on changes and improvements to the current price feeds and is responsible for their administration.

Data Providers

Data aggregators are professional service providers with a history of accurately curating key data points from various exchanges and providing the most reliable prices to the ecosystem. These resilient service providers support the Chainlink Network and are leveraged by node operators to provide accurate price feeds to the ecosystem.

Become a Data Provider

Node Operators

Node operators are the bridge between an on-chain price feed and an API. They run secure blockchain infrastructure that allows them to plug into virtually any type of API endpoint. Node operators on the Chainlink Network are fully transparent and identifiable, with strong existing reputations in the blockchain space, verifiable by DeFi developers.

Become a Node Operator

Smart Contract Creators

Smart Contract Creators are developing the next generation of DeFi products. Integrating Chainlink Price Reference Contracts gives developers access to validated data with full market coverage, the ability to expand the security guarantees of their product without building new infrastructure, and significantly reduces their time-to-market.

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